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Becoming a Volunteer can make an important difference in your life. Volunteering offers different rewards for everyone, many volunteers say sharing their time makes them feel good, helps them to build new friendships and widens their support group.

As a Trinidad and Tobago Cancer Society Volunteer you have the opportunity to choose from specific volunteer programs, whether your area of interest is fundraising, education outreach, advocacy or simply assisting with administrative functions at the Society your support could change the lives of many people including your own.

[section_wrapper section_shadow=”Advertisement 2nd Style” add_img_bg=”44″][join_us join_us_style=”1st style” j_headline=”Join Us” j_img=”1416″ j_title=”Be a Volunteer” j_icon=”46″ j_sub_title=”Serve the humanity” j_content=”There are many ways to get involved and make a different in our country’s fight against cancer. Whether you want to volunteer or become a member of the TTCS the opportunities are there and so are the benefits.” j_btn_content=”Sign Up” j_btn_link=”http://cancertt.com/contact/”][/section_wrapper]