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New Support Services

Over the years the TTCS has offered Psychological Counseling to many clients, patients, survivors and their families, providing much needed support to people who have been affected by cancer.

The Trinidad and Tobago Cancer Society is pleased to reintroduce our Counseling Support Services with a dedicated support phone line to facilitate the booking of appointments.

Support Service will include a one time session with our Certified   Mental Health Counselor.

There will be no cost for this first session to client/patient.

Once the client/patient and counselor agree to future sessions, the client/patient will be responsible for any additional cost.

Sessions will take place at the office of the counselor.

Anyone interested in this support service must be:

A cancer patient, a cancer survivor or must have a family member diagnosed with cancer.  The client/patient must also be willing to attend session/s or speak on the phone with our counselor as this is a personal commitment.

Call our Support Services dedicated phone line: 665-6712

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